BOTANICAL WALL ART - The dried flower wall hanging you must have in your home!

I am sure you have seen these all over Instagram and Pinterest... You might have even seen them on my Instagram page! I am certainly a fan!
These bohemian style dried flower wall hangings are absolutely divine and make a real statement in your home. I would go as far as saying that they are by far the most impactful piece of art for your interior.
BOTANICAL WALL ART. Interior styling with dried flower wall hanging
So what is the story behind this trending style of floral design?
A spin on wedding florals, think arbour flowers and oversized floral installations, but for your home! In recent times this style of floral installation has become super popular in interior styling. These wall hangings have a real bohemian feel about them... Lots of pampas grass, oversized palms, greenery and premium dried and preserved flowers. Their oversized nature makes them a real stand out piece and a point of difference in your home.
Good old Instagram has also helped to promote this trend... You will often see these wall hangings in the background of photos and video reels. They make for an amazing backdrop in our social media content. Speaking of photos, these have also been popping up in lots of professional photos! Photographers all over the world are using these in their studios as a back drop for pregnancy photos, newborn photos, and fashion photos.
Where to place them in your home?
Anywhere and everywhere!! But in all seriousness, these look amazing in living spaces, above bedheads, children's bedroom or nursery, in your home office (with so many people working from home now, why wouldn't you want a glorious piece of art to look at while you work!?). These are also a great option for businesses - studios, salons, clinics, etc.
In my home I have one above our bed and one in the living room.
Oh and I have a few hanging in the Joyful Blooms Studio of course!
Being mostly large scale they take up a great deal of wall space which makes them a great addition to any wall of your house.
Botanical Wall Art. Interior styling with dried flower wall hanging.
Why are these so popular?
Because they are amazing! I can honestly say that I look at the one hanging above our bed every single day. It has been there for 8 months and I still admire its beauty, and absolutely love having it in our space.
It is also a conversational piece. Without a doubt, every visitor that enters our home will mention how stunning these pieces are. If you love having special and unique pieces in your home then Botanical Wall Art is a must have!
Can these be delivered?
At this stage due to the size and delicate design of these, we do not offer courier delivery on the website. Pick up and local delivery within 30km of Rowville is available.
*If you see one you love and live outside of the delivery area, please feel free to contact me by email to arrange a delivery quote. I can request a quote for interstate delivery but due to the size the delivery price would be dependant on address.
Do these flowers require any maintenance?
No more than any of our dried floral arrangements. As always we suggest that our everlasting blooms are kept out of direct sunlight, away from large flows of breeze, and away from areas that are prone to getting wet or humid. These environments can alter the lifespan of your flowers and impact their colouring and quality.
As our everlasting blooms do last for many years they are likely to get dusty! Unfortunately dust can impact dried and preserved flowers, so we suggest removing dust by lightly blowing over your flowers with a hair dryer on low setting and cool temperature. Just enough to blow away any dust that might have landed on your blooms.
How long will botanical wall art last?
Our dried flowers last for many years. If the simple care instructions are followed on average they will continue looking great for 7 years... However this can be even longer depending on the type of flower.
Naturally dried greenery, pampas grass, palms, wheat, bunny tails, and any other hearty flower or foliage will last a very long time!
Preserved, bleached or coloured flowers like hydrangeas, fern, billy buttons, Italian ruscus, etc can start to weaken and discolour over time depending on the elements they sit in. These types of flowers can struggle in homes where they are close to heating and cooling devices.
So there you have it... A little bit of information around a trending homewares piece. Whilst these may look like a big dollar purchase, they truly are an investment piece. I actually consider them to be a well priced piece of art compared to traditional art... And I believe that they make a much bigger statement also.
As always Afterpay is available, so you can buy now pay later!
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