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A common question I get through my DMs is...

"I want to buy some flowers as a gift but I don't know what style, size, colour".

It is always a tricky one for me to answer... Obviously I do not know the person you are buying for, so I can only give general advise based on what I know is very popular.
So it got me thinking... How do you determine what dried flowers to buy someone. This isn't a fresh flower arrangement or bouquet - If you get that wrong it isn't the end of the world as they wilt away anyway!
A decision to purchase dried blooms is much more important - This piece will be sitting in someone's home!
Will it match their interior?
Will it match their aesthetic?
Will it match their home decor?
Will it match their personality?
Will it match the occasion!?
So many things to consider... So lets break it down:


This one is quite simple. Have a think about the person... What type of personality do they have.
Personality Types:
  • Vibrant, bubbly, always happy - Select an arrangement full of COLOUR!
  • Feminine and girly - Select an arrangement with lots of Pink.
  • Classic and refined - Select an arrangement in neutral tones - White, Beige, Cream.
  • Natural, whimsical, bohemian - Select an arrangement in Natural and muted tones - Beige, Rust, Mustard, Dusty Pink, Sage Green.
  • Dark and mysterious - Select an arrangement in Monochrome tones - Black, White and Grey


This one can get a little tricky... But basically you need to imagine what the interior of their home looks like. Think about the colour and style of their furniture, walls, artwork, homewares.
Usually the home is an extension of a person's personality... So if you have not seen their home, then revert to their personality type.
Interior Styles:
  • Eclectic - Colour, lots of colour!
  • Shabby Chic - Colour, lots of colour!
  • Scandinavian - Classic whites and greys with potentially a pop of colour.
  • Traditional - Classic neutral tones.
  • Classic - Classic neutral tones.
  • Modern - Keep it simple with Whites and Greys.
  • Minimalist - White.
  • Coastal - White, Cream and Natural tones. If it is a Hamptons style, add a pop of blue.
  • Bohemian - Natural and muted tones
  • Rustic- Natural tones with pops of rust, mustard, brown.
  • Industrial - Natural tones with pops of black
  • Contemporary - Monochrome
  • Hollywood Glam - Monochrome with a pop of metallic gold or silver
Pale Pink Peach Dried Flower Arrangement. Birthday, Baby Shower, New Baby, Gift, Present


Then there is 'occasion'. You need to consider the reason you are gifting these flowers. Event though your friend is super bubbly and vibrant, if you are passing over flowers for a sad reason, you may need to consider what flower colours you choose.
Some of the most popular occasions our flowers are purchased for:
  • Birthday - Select based on the above
  • Engagement - Select based on 'interior style' as this will be for a couple's home
  • New Baby - Select colours based on gender/nursery (if planned to sit in nursery) or select colours based on 'interior style'
  • Congratulations - Select based on the above
  • Thinking of you - Select based on the above
  • Sympathy - Select white and neutral tones
  • Bridesmaid Proposals - Our Gift Boxes are a great option for this, but if you are just looking for flowers, then Whites and Pinks are always a great option.


This is really dependant on your budget and where you think the recipient will want to place their new flowers.
Sizes Available:
  • Petite Minis - A great price point and our best selling arrangement. These stand at approx 20-25cm and look great on a side table, desk, book shelf or children's bedroom.
  • Small arrangements - Approx 30-40cm, these are a great option for side tables, coffee tables, hallway tables.
  • Medium arrangements - Approx 45-55cm, these are perfect for hallway tables and island benches.
  • Large arrangements - Approx 60-70cm, these look great in wall niches, island benches, hallway tables, buffet units.
  • Gift boxes - We offer gift boxes with Petite Minis and Petite Posies. These are a great option if you are wanting to give a small arrangement as well as some extra goodies.



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