So we are still a few months away from the end of the school year, but if 2022 is anything to go by, we will only need to blink and the end of the year will be here! The years are going so damn fast! I believe it is because we were locked down for so long, and now we are making up for lost time with lots of events, birthday celebrations, engagements, weddings, parties, baptisms... the list goes on! How can the year not fly by when we are all so busy.

I digress...


Soon our children will be finishing up their school year and saying goodbye to their much loved teacher. I think we can all agree that teachers are AMAZING! They shower our children with love and attention on a daily basis, as well as enrich their minds with knowledge and skills that set them up to succeed. 

Thanking your child's teacher with a small gesture is a lovely way to finish off the school year, and give them something to remember your child.



You will commonly see teacher's being handed things like cookies, personalised objects, stationary, mugs, etc. These are all lovely gifts, don't get me wrong, but what else can you gift a teacher?

At Joyful Blooms we think the best gift is FLOWERS (of course). Below are our top picks for the perfect teacher gift.



Mini floral arrangement filled with dried and preserved flowers

It goes without saying that our Petite Minis are a best seller at Joyful Blooms! But why do they make the perfect teacher gift?

These small arrangements are the perfect size for a desk. What better gift for a teacher than something beautiful that can sit on their desk. They also can be taken home and styled in your teacher's home. These little beauties look great on a bedside table, bookshelf, coffee table, bathroom vanity, laundry bench, or a stylish vignette. These blooms are so versatile and really do make the most beautiful gift.

Petite Mini arrangement are always available in a range of colours and designs. Select a classic palette of whites and neutrals for teachers who you may not know their style. Select a colourful Petite Mini for teachers who have a vibrant personality.

Petite Mini Arrangements sit in a 6cm high pot, with the total height of the arrangement being approx 20-25cm (including pot).

Small mini dried flower arrangements Small mini dried flower arrangement in pink Range of small preserved floral arrangements sitting on pillars Pastel floral arrangement





Collection of colourful everlasting floral baubles for Christmas Tree

This will be the third year of selling our beautiful floral Christmas baubles. These are always a super popular teacher gift! 

Our 8cm glass baubles are filled with beautiful dried and preserved blooms, and look absolutely magical on you Christmas tree!

Available in a range of colours, and sold separately in an individual clear box. This is the sweetest little gift for your child's teacher, and something that they can remember your child by each and every year when they add this beautiful bauble to their tree.

Our Christmas baubles will be available from October 2022. Sign up to our mailing list to be to know when they land!

Glass Christmas bauble filled with peach preserved flowers Glass Christmas baubles filled with white preserved flowers. 4 baubles hanging from a piece of wooden dowel Glass bauble filled with pink and red preserved flowers. Displayed in a clear plastic gift box Glass Christmas baubles filled with pastel colour preserved flowers

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