Keep your arrangement indoors.
To avoid fading, discolouration and petals becoming brittle, we suggest keeping your blooms out of direct sunlight, and away from heaters/air conditioners.

Avoid large flows of breeze as this can cause fragile petals to break.

Dried and preserved flowers are fragile, so taking good care of them will ensure they continue to look beautiful for many years to come.


Avoid Water

Avoid rooms with high humidit or prone to getting wet/damp. Flowers without water? Sounds crazy right? But water is not a dried flower's best friend! It can cause the dried arrangement to grow mould and/or cause browning of leaves and petals.



Dust build up can damage your everlasting blooms. Clean you arrangement using a hairdryer on low power and cool temperature. Lightly blow over the flowers to remove dust. Hold the hairdryer far enough away to only blow the dust. Due to the long lifespan of these arrangements they are bound to get a little dusty.