What size are your arrangements?

Our arrangements start at 20cm in height (Petite Minis) and go up to 70cm in height.


Are all of these sizes available on the website?

All sizes are available however we tend to sell more of the smaller sizes as they are much easier to send in the post (up to 50cm in height)

If you are wanting something larger than 50cm and haven’t seen any available on the website, please reach out through email or Instagram DM.


What are your delivery options?

  • Pick up - We offer contactless pick up from Rowville, Victoria.
  • Hand Delivery - This service is for postcodes within 30km of Rowville. You are able to select the delivery day. This is a great option if you are sending as a gift.
  • Courier - We post all over Australia. With courier we are unable to guarantee delivery day as it is a third party service.


How are your blooms posted?

We use a reliable courier service that handles our packages with care. We have sent many arrangements by courier and have not experienced any issues.


How are your blooms packaged?

We go to extreme measures to ensure your blooms are packaged in a way that will survive the post. This include bubble wrap, durable boxes and lots of fragile tape.


Is there a chance the flowers may break in transit?

Due to the delicate and fragile nature of dried and preserved flowers, there may be shedding that occurs in transit. However as noted above, our arrangements are packaged in a way that helps prevent this from occurring.

If you are concerned, pick up is advisable as this will ensure your new flowers make it home safely.


While we do not refund for small amounts of unavoidable shedding, we will happily look over photos of your arrangement if it has been severely damaged in the post. Please email us with photos of the damage within 24 hours of receiving your blooms.


Is the postage price the same no matter how much I purchase?

Postage price will increase depending on what is in your basket and the size/weight of your selections.


How long does it take for my parcel to arrive?

We require 1-3 business days to pack up your order. During busy times this may increase.

The courier delivery time will depend on your location. Below are approx delivery times but this can vary and is out of our control:

Within Melbourne: 1-3 business days

Regional VIC: 2-5 business days

NSW/ACT: 2-5 business days

QLD: 2-5 business days

SA: 2-5 business days

TAS: 2-5 business days

WA: 3-6 business days


Do you accept custom orders?

At this stage custom orders are closed due to high demand.


I missed out on the flowers I wanted to buy, am I able to order them?

We do take orders for pieces we have made in the past, pending we have the flowers available.
If you have seen something you like on our website or social pages, please contact us via email or instagram DM to discuss.


Do you use any artificial flowers?

No. All flowers used are preserved or dried.


How long will these flowers last?

Depending on the environment they are kept in, these flowers can last for years. While the flowers will always look their best in the first year, most of them can still look amazing for up to 7 years.

We include care instructions with every order to ensure that your blooms will be long lasting and live for many years to come.


Do I need to water these flowers?

These flowers have been dried therefore do not need any water. 
In fact water can do more harm than good. Part of the care instructions is to keep them away from wet and damp environments.


Is the vase/pot included?

All everlasting blooms and petite minis include the vase/pot.

Individual dried flowers (sold separately), gift toppers and petite posies do not come with a pot.


Do you accept returns?

Please select carefully as we are unable to accept returns.

If your blooms are damaged during transit (excluding expected light shedding as mentioned in our postage FAQ), please email us with photos of the damage within 24 hours of receiving your package.